Sebastian Stan聞起來的感覺

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Anonymous: Hello can you please describe in great detail what Sebastian smells like :) (it's a weird question but I really wanna know haha)



First, I generally say that he bathes in the fountains of paradise, and he washes his clothes with the rain water in the clouds of Heaven itself, but I guess if you really want “great detail”, here we go.


Second, I hugged Sebastian THREE times at comic con, but the first and third were the same experience, so I’ll just tell you about the first and the second.


  1. Scenario 1 - autograph hug: He signed my lanyard, I asked him for a hug, and he said, “Yeah, sure!” Midway into the hug, the WWCC staff member        

              with the tree up her ass        

    yelled, “NO HUGS!” I inhaled sharply as Sebastian frantically pulled my face into his shoulder at warp speed. I only got a brief whiff of his navy blue cardigan, but in that vapor of a moment, I felt like I was laying face down in a garden of lavender flowers planted in the garden of a beach house where it had just rained with the slightest fragrance of salt water. 

一、場景一、簽名環節的擁抱:他簽了我的入場胸卡,我索抱,他就“當然可以啦”。抱了一半的時候漫展的討厭的要死的工作人員吼”不許擁抱!“ 在Sebastian以曲速大力地把我的臉拉進他的頸窩的時候我狠狠地吸了一口,我只捕捉到一絲他深藍色毛衣的味道,就那短短的瞬間,我覺得我像是把臉埋進了剛下完雨的沙灘度假屋的薰衣草花園一般,花香帶著海洋的清香和鹽水的清新。


  1. Scenario 2 - photo op hug: As I was preparing to get my photo op, my lanyard got stuck in my scarf while I was attempting to take it off, and they called for me when I wasn’t ready. I freaked out, and began apologizing, but Sebastian reassured me that he would still be there when I was ready. I took a deep breath, and went to get my picture. After the camera flash, I full on hugged him, making DAMN sure I got a whiff of his hair. Imagine if one could materialize joy, love, patience, kindness, and sexiness, and fuse those things with some pomegranate, orange, and mango juice. Then imagine integrating all of those things and juices into a cream or mousse form. THAT’S what his hair smells like.


Third, I really hope that this has given you some clarification as to the experience that one gets when they get a whiff of Sebastian Stan. I hope that every time you smell lavender, rain water, salt water, pomegranate juice, orange juice, mango juice, sugar, spice, or anything nice that you think of that one time when asked someone who has met Sebastian Stan what he smelled like. 

第三,我真的希望我的這段話可以給那些有機會接觸到Sebastian Stan的人一個清晰的具象,我希望每次你聞到薰衣草、雨水、鹽水、石榴汁、橙汁、芒果汁、糖、香辛料或者任何你覺得美好的東西都會想到他,當每次你問那些見過他的人(他聞起來怎麼樣),(這些美好的詞彙)會是他們的回答。

Fourth and finally, it would be a pity if I did not also tell you how kind he is. I’ve said before that he’s sweeter than five cans of cherry pie filling poured over a gallon of chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, but seriously, his face is like a ray of sunshine. When he smiles at you and looks at you in the eyes, he gives off this unbelievably comfortable warmth that will make you feel so at ease with yourself, like when you lay awake in your bed on a Saturday morning. He’s one of those people you would have a really hard time being sad around because he’s just so kind and happy. Needless to say, he’s the kindest person I’ve ever met.


Have a nice life, anon. I hope this information brings you plethoras of peace and joy.








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